Drawing from the top minds in the field, IMSG provides advanced environmental forecasting, advanced environmental modeling and prediction capabilities, ocean biological and ecosystem research as well as information on habitat restoration, geographical imaging software (GIS), and interdisciplinary fields. We combine cutting edge research methods, including satellite remote sensing, scientific algorithms, data analysis, process and products generation, sensor calibration and sensor validation, and numerical modeling, with our over 100+ years of combined experience to help you predict, prepare and respond to the future – whatever the weather brings you.



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Are you passionate about innovation? About changing the world for the better? Want to achieve great things? Then take a look at IMSG. Fiercely proud of who we are and what we do, we’re home to the top minds in the field of climate change and environmental preparedness, and offer unparalleled opportunities to help you make the world safer, better and brighter while helping you build your skills and advance your career. IMSG is an Equal Opportunity employer offering a wide range of career opportunities and employing all levels of specialized staff for full-time, part-time, and contract based positions at many of our 30+ locations across North America.